GGJ 2021 submission - the theme was 'Lost and Found'.

Help the main character find a remote, and navigate the weird world he finds himself in.

The Good:

  • This was my first time attempting to animate a run cycle.  I think it came out well.
  • This was my first time making a 2d platformer.
  • This was my first time participating in a game jam that had a hard time constraint.  Previous game jam that I took part in was over the course of a few weeks to a month.

The Bad:

  • The music is awful, and was only given a few minutes of time.  If you unlock the music, I'm sorry.
  • The collision system sort of fell apart in the end, and what is in place now is a cobbled mess of half-working stuff.

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
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Made withPICO-8
TagsPICO-8, Singleplayer

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